SBDC highlights chamber calendar in May

May 1, 2012 by  

Entrepreneurs and company decision-makers have at least two information-filled workshops to attend in the coming weeks courtesy of the Boulder Small Business Development Center.

Where these presentations are concerned, the action begins May 8th with the next installment of the Small Business Development Center’s Sale Series. Starting at 2:00 pm and ending roughly 2 hours later, “Build Your Prospecting Plan” is going to be taking a closer look at what it means to have a system that allows the company to generate leads.

Whether it’s seeing what liaising with a local print shop for your business card printing can do for you, or putting together a system that employees can implement for more sales, it’s necessary for businesses to start off with a plan. With members of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce being allowed admission at a reduced total cost, this is yet another part of the “Systematic Selling” series that’s well worth attending.

Second on the list is another Small Business Development Center workshop that’s going under the title “Process Improvement for Small Business. Being held May 10th, this is an excellent opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to increase the internal efficiency and productivity of their marketing techniques.

Simply by virtue of the content being covered in this one, professionals from all industries will be able to benefit from this one. Beginning at 8:30 am and extending for a full 3 hours, this is another in-depth workshop that Boulder business professionals may want to register for. Between these two workshops and the additional ones being offered this month, Boulder-based professionals have plenty of options at their disposal.