Louisville Business Network meeting January 5th

January 4, 2012 by  

Based less than 15 miles away from Boulder, the Louisville Business Network will be holding its weekly meeting at The Vault on January 4th, 2012.

Taking place somewhat early at 9:00 am, professionals from fields and industries that range from Web Design to Insurance will be present for a morning of networking. One thing that business owners tend to notice immediately about this group is the fact that it follows a certain structure. In the interests of avoiding competition, organizers have chosen to limit attendees according to category.

Each individual is able to provide a brief introduction while a keynote speaker will be given the opportunity to discuss his or her company in-depth.

The schedule that has been put up by organizers is nothing less than structured:

“ Agenda

9:00 am:
The first 15 minutes is set aside for networking.

Each member and guest will have the opportunity to stand and deliver a short commercial about his/her business.


Key Speaker(s)
One or more members will speak to present his/her business in greater detail.

Other Business
This time is used for other business, voting, testimonials, upcoming events, etc.”

Between the chance to distribute promotional material and the one-on-one interactions that are sure to take place here, professionals with an eye on this Louisville Business Network meeting may want to consider the printing services of brochure printers along with that of business card printing.

Whether looking for a long-term business networking opportunity or simply hoping to drop by and see what this group is about, the upcoming January 4th meeting is worth a second look.