Boulder to showcase films of a conscious nature

June 17, 2013 by  

The ‘Conscious Media Film Festival’ is being presented by and falls on the yearly Summer Solstice, featuring two full-length screen films and four to six short films over the course of two days.

This is a spiritual event that integrates experimental and scientific thoughts. Stationery printing, postcard printing, and poster printing may have been used to advertise this festival and let people know about spiritual media.

This is a special two-day festival provides guests with the opportunity to open their minds and learn about a new global message to do with community. This festival was designed to promote, screen, support, and distribute films that highlight and enrich human spirit. During this event, there will be fearless storytelling and positive thinking. The evenings’ films will include ‘My Way to Olympia’ with Niko von Glasgow, and ‘Mars and Avril’, a short about the first human to land on Mars. One of the short films includes Love at First Sight, a story about a musing musician.

Tickets for these films range between $8 and $10 per person. The Conscious Media Film Festival will be happening on Wednesday, June 19, and Thursday, June 20, at the Boulder Theatre. On both nights, doors are open from 6:30 pm, and the films will begin at 7:00 pm.

To view the screening schedule or to purchase tickets, please visit the theater’s website or call its box office at 303-998-9416. The website states that films are suitable for all ages.