Boulder statements to be made in environmental presentation night

November 7, 2013 by  

This evening’s ‘What Can I Do?’ multi-media online environmental presentation is a 60-minutes session designed to raise awareness concerning environmental issues through the use of photography and live music. Organizers may have chosen flyer printing and poster printing to spread the word about this educational opportunity to residents in the community and its surrounding regions.

This keynote presentation features photography by John Fielder and Karl Synder, as well as live music with Laurie Dameron. Two trailer features, both award-winning, share information designed to inspire changes to a person’s lifestyle. These documentary films showcase how people can take immediate action and thereby play an important environmental role.

The films are designed to drive home the importance of taking action now, with footage on drought, wildfires, polar ice melting, and extreme weather occurrences. The site’s Facebook page state that the vast majority of world scientists (97%) believe that climate change is at least partly due to human impact, and that this was acknowledged by the Government last year.

In order to view the two trailers, and the story behind ‘What Can I Do’, those interested will need to use the links provided on the website. They clock in at a little over four minutes.

The presentation is free to view and will be taking place this evening at 6:30 pm at the REI, located at 1789 28th Street in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about the trailers or the presentation, visit the presentation’s Facebook page.