Boulder City Council planning 2012 agenda

November 10, 2011 by  

With the November 29th meeting fast approaching, Boulder’s Council Legislative Committee is attempting to set up an outline of goals the City Council can focus on in the coming year.

Matt Appelbaum, Susan Osborne, KC Becker, and Crystal Gray may not have come to any firm conclusions just yet, but they do appear to know which direction the Council will be headed in. Some of the issues the Council will be looking at include transportation, tax collection on real estate transfers, the power of city governments to select their own energy providers, water, and concealed gun laws. Although these might look like a wide range of unrelated issues, the council’s standards are remarkably consistent regardless of the subject matter. This should work to the committee’s advantage when it comes time to start lobbying lawmakers.

From the outset, the Boulder City Council has made it very clear that it intends to support legislation that affirms the authority of local and state governments. The council’s approval of the aforementioned energy proposals and its opposition to the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act are just two examples of its consistency in this regard. Even though the official meeting is taking place later in the month, the committee already seems to have a firm grasp of its positions.

In spite of the strong positions being taken however, considering the use of printing services for those 2012 agenda drafts would be premature. They’ve made a lot of progress so far but it’s important to note that the Legislative Committee’s Monday meeting with Carl Castillo, Boulder’s policy advisor, was really just the beginning.