West Sacramento contemplates scooter share program

March 21, 2018 by  

Bike share programs have taken off across the country and around the world, but the city of West Sacramento is thinking about introducing a new form of two-wheeled transportation: electric scooters.

The city plans on meeting with employees from LimeBike, a venture capital-backed firm that manages bike share and electric scooter share programs. Representatives from LimeBike made the first move, approaching city officials with the idea of introducing a scooter program.

Cities thinking of implementing a bike or scooter share program can use brochure printing to explain the concept to residents.

In the case of the scooter share program, people would need to install on app on their phones to participate. They can unlock an available scooter with the app. The cost is $1 to access the scooter, then 10 cents per minute. The program would only be open to people over the age of 16 and who have a driver’s license. Helmets are not included with the scooters, so riders would have to bring their own.

Should LimeBike and West Sacramento come to an agreement, it is estimated that the scooters would be on city streets as early as the middle of next month. About 100 scooters will be in the pilot program. Since they are electric, they will need to be charged from time to time, which LimeBike takes care of. Each scooter is GPS-enabled, so the company will know where each one is at all times.