Taste of the Caribbean comes to DC

July 28, 2017 by  

The Taste of Barbados is taking place in Washington next month. Hosted by the Barbados Association of Washington, a portion of proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization located in Barbados.

This event will give the public the chance to try some authentic Bajan food and beer, and also to partake in the Bajan Rum Shop Experience. Some of the dishes that will be served will include fish cakes, cou cou (which is cornmeal and okra), coconut bread, rice and peas, and pudding and souse. For the last of those dishes, the pudding is steamed sweet potato and souse is boiled pork mixed with cucumber, pepper, lime juice, onion and parsley.

The ticket price provides guests with a full meal including dessert and rum punch. Guests will also be treated to some traditional music of Barbados provide by DJ Bimshire.

This is an opportunity for those of Bajan descent to enjoy the tastes of the homeland, but will also cater to anybody interested in trying foods of all kinds while raising money to help a worthwhile charity.

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The Taste of Barbados will be held at the Embassy of Barbados on August 26 from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. Tickets are $40 for adults and $15 for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Visit the Barbados Association of Washington Facebook page to learn more.