Wall Township on a walk for a cause

May 22, 2017 by  

Wall Township will soon be playing host to an event that will focus on fighting Huntington’s disease, and its organizers are hoping the public will be generous and lend a helping hand.

During the Jersey Shore 5k and Team Hope Walk, each step taken will bring researchers one step closer to finding a cure for this genetic neurological condition that affects tens of thousands of Americans. The runners and walkers will join others all across the country who will be lacing up their sneakers and hitting he pavement in support of those with Huntington’s disease.

According to the information packet which has been prepared for those who will be participating in the day, all are welcome, and it will take place rain or shine. While people can join on their own, they are highly encouraged to form a team to maximize their impact. A local printing services provider will be able to work with the planners of a function such as this to design a variety of branded products that can help promote it to the local area.

The Jersey Shore 5k and Team Hope Walk will take place on June 3 at Bar Anticipation in Belmar. Anyone who is interested in registering, or who would like to find out more or make a donation, has been asked to visit the event’s website.