Wall Township event to shine light on Alzheimer’s disease

April 30, 2017 by  

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia affect many people in Wall Township, and Alzheimer’s New Jersey has organized a workshop that will give those who take part a greater understanding of these conditions.

An assortment of topics related to this group of diseases will be discussed, including what are the risk factors that increase an individual’s developing Alzheimer’s disease. The warning signs will be presented, as will advice on the steps needed to obtain a final diagnosis, and also the various options that are currently available for the treatment of memory loss and dementia. Digital copying can be utilized to produce copies of any handouts that will be distributed during a course such as this.

Along with all of this, participants will have an opportunity to learn what supports exist in their own local area, and also how a person’s behavior may change as the disease progresses. The goal is to provide each person who signs up with a kit of tools they can use in their own life, whether they are suffering from a form of dementia or care for someone who does.

This information session will be held in the Ocean County Public Library, which is located at 834 Beaver Dam Road in Point Pleasant. Further details, as well as information about the supports that exist for people living with memory loss in New Jersey, can be found on the organizers’ website.