Seminar planned to help entrepreneurs break into the food market

September 28, 2016 by  

Breaking into the food industry can be a challenge, and an upcoming event has been planned for the Wall Township area that will explain the process and give tips that can make it a whole lot easier.

The Interfaith Neighbors’ Business Development Center and Rutgers Food Innovation Center have teamed up to provide an afternoon that will be led by industry experts. It will provide helpful information to those interested in starting up a food-based business. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about the current trends in the marketplace and how to bring a new food product to the public market. They will also receive tips on how to utilize the current technology that exists in the field, and ideas on how to develop their product. There will also be an opportunity for networking with others in the industry.

Details will also be given about the Food Entrepreneur Program, which can help people to expand their business. Brochures that give more information about initiatives such as this can be distributed to those who participate in this type of educational event.

The workshop will take place on November 16 from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm at the The ShowRoom Cinema in Asbury Park. Tickets are $15 each, and all food industry entrepreneurs are welcome.

Further details and a chance to RSVP are available on the Food Business Basics Seminar for Food Entrepreneurs Eventbrite page.