Vero Beach kids set to celebrate Independence Day

June 26, 2017 by  

Vero Beach kids as well as their parents or guardians, have been invited to attend an event that will celebrate the country’s birthday in style.

The Vero Bach Book Center will serve as the venue for this kid-friendly event, and there will be plenty for them to see and do. Hosted by Miss Erin, the party will include listening to stories, making crafts to keep to take home, and singing songs. A local printer can provide customized banners for an activity like this that can also be displayed during other functions as well.

The children who participate in this day of patriotic fun will also be led by Miss Erin in a parade that will wind its way through the store. The day will draw to a close with a bang when the store of bubble wrap is unrolled. All those who took part in the morning’s festivities will be able to jump, stomp, and even dance on the wrap so they can hear the bubbles break.

This celebration of the country’s birthday will be held at the Vero Beach Book Center on July 1. While it is geared towards children, parents are welcome to join in the fun as well. There will be no charge to participate, and more information can be found on its Facebook page, which also includes a link that the readers can use to indicate they are interested in coming to the party.