VPD gets Humvee

June 12, 2017 by  

A military Humvee has been given to the Vernon Police Department.

The Humvee, which now has new lights and paint, will help the department get to more inaccessible places in Rockville. The 1033 Program gave the town the vehicle, according to James Kenny, the Vernon Police Chief. He added that the 2011 snowstorm was evidence that the town needed help with the its inclines during emergencies. It also has room for detour and emergency signs.

The 1033 program gives law enforcement on the state and local level excess resources from the military. Sergeant Barry Foster of the Vernon Police Department was in charge of the application. Other towns in the state decided to gain the advantage during SWAT missions with armored cars. Kenny believed Vernon needed a more useful on a regular basis. The SUVs the police often use sometimes cannot get where they are needed because of wintery conditions. The Humvee can also get into places that have become flooded.

A mechanic added the lights, a back-up camera, and a computer system to turn it into a department vehicle. The money to do so came from paid fines from the town. The paint and other equipment came from Mill Street Auto as a donation. Since the vehicle’s paint was resistant to chemicals, it was hard to repaint.

The new vehicle would be a unique addition to a police calendar.