Eversource trimming trees

May 3, 2018 by  

Connecticut energy company Eversource will be cutting back and removing trees in several communities around the state, including Vernon.

The investment will affect trees around 75 miles of electric lines. On April 25, Eversource Energy declared that it will spend $80mon the project in order to make its services more reliable to its clients. According to Sean Redding, the manager of vegetation management at the company, the recent drought that spanned years has left its mark on greenery around Connecticut.

Emerald ash bore beetles and gypsy moths have infested the trees, compounding multiple issues. It is important to remove or trim the affected trees. Keeping foliage maintained is company policy in order to meet the needs of the community. The company has licensed tree professionals working on trees on a constant basis to prevent major hazards during harsh New England storms.

Eversource plans to cut over 4,000 miles of trees around power lines in the state this year. It will let customers know ahead of time if it must trim on their land. However, the company reminds those who own property that they must take care of branches located on it. Wires running from the main lines need to be clear of branches, with a trained tree specialist recommended to do the job.

A brochure printing company could create a pamphlet instructing consumers on how to care for plants around their electric wires.