Cyber security workshop takes place at Vernon station

March 28, 2018 by  

Local officials recently participated in a regional tabletop exercise to help them train in cyber security.

Around 50 people from Ellington, Tolland, and Vernon gathered at the police department in Vernon. Most police officers and municipal personnel from Vernon were there. School staff members, a state trooper, the School Superintendent Scott Nicol, and Lori Spielman, the First Selectman from Ellington attended, as did Tolland Director of Public Safety John Littell.

The Vernon Department of Risk Management and Emergency worked together to present the exercises. The Intelligence Center of the State and Connecticut Homeland Security representatives were a part of the effort as well. The exercise included a simulation of several types of cyber-attacks that could affect the town.

According to Michael Purcaro, Vernon’s Town Administrator, cyber security has become an important part of community life, and this is especially true in the public sector. Connecticut’s judicial computer system recently experienced a cyber-attack, which caused it to shut down. He noted that lives of citizens require internet technology, and staying ahead of hackers requires constant eveolution.

Vernon regularly analyzes and updates information security through various measures while hosting training workshops for community officials and law enforcement.

Corporate gifts that reminds officials to be vigilant in cyber security could include computer mousepads with a wrist cushion and a reminder message printed on them.