Redmond area fundraiser to give help out pollinators

November 24, 2018 by  

A fundraiser is on the way for Redmond that will help to ensure that the buzzing of the bees will continue to be heard throughout the area for many years to come.

Woodinville’s Bridgewater Center, which [Read more]

Redmond area geeks set to do some holiday shopping

October 23, 2018 by  

Geeky gift ideas will be the order of the day during a Redmond area weekend-long holiday market that has been planned with the nerd in mind.

The vendors in this [Read more]

Redmond’s tech community asked to lend a helping hand

September 27, 2018 by  

Redmond techies who would like to do a good turn for their community will soon have a chance to be a part of an event that will do just that.

Programmers and [Read more]

Redmond celebration salutes arrival of winter

August 29, 2018 by  

Redmond will be lighting up the night this December with a celebration that honors the wide variety of cultures that call the city home. [Read more]

Ananda Mela about to decorate Redmond

July 24, 2018 by  

One event in the Redmond, Washington area that would make for interesting logo design, banner design, and brochure printing, is the Ananda Mela Festival, held at the Redmond City Hall campus.

Organized by [Read more]

Redmond workshop will shine a light on mental illness for family members

June 23, 2018 by  

Redmond families who have a member living with a mental illness may wish to include a workshop that has been organized with them in mind in their plans for early this summer.

The National Alliance on [Read more]

Families invited to Redmond Father’s Day fun

May 24, 2018 by  

Redmond will be paying a special salute to fathers during an event that will bring together members of the state’s brewing community.

The Washington Beer Commission will [Read more]

Redmond information session to explore post-secondary planning

April 23, 2018 by  

When choosing which university or college to attend, the financial side of the equation can be an important consideration, and a Redmond event will provide some insight into how to [Read more]

Redmond seeking support to keep its parks going green

March 23, 2018 by  

A Redmond event has been planned that will provide practical proof that almost anyone can lend a hand when it comes to restoration in the [Read more]

Redmond invited to hop to it during annual race

February 24, 2018 by  

It will soon be time to hop into spring during a race that will be held in Redmond.

Whether they run, walk, roll, or hop, area [Read more]

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