Café Zippy features range of classes during winter

January 27, 2018 by  

A coffee house and cultural center in Everett is offering a range of events of the next few months, along with its vegan and gluten-free food.

On Mondays at [Read more]

Everett to host major 2018 skating event

December 25, 2017 by  

Recently, U.S. Figure Skating announced that the 2018 Skate America will be held at the Xfinity Arena next October. This will be first stop in the international figure skating series.

The event is [Read more]

December starts with Everett festivities

November 23, 2017 by  

Tanks Giving, a holiday event, is coming to the Flying Heritage Museum in Everett in the upcoming weeks. It features many special seasonal treats for adults and children.

It will have a [Read more]

Everett continues celebration of food

October 20, 2017 by  

Food Truck Friday is underway in Everett. Focused on attracting businesspeople and shoppers, it will continue until mid-November.

The locations of the [Read more]

Everett Home Show to be held in a month’s time

September 28, 2017 by  

This year, the Everett Home Show will be held in late October.

Held at the Xfinity Arena on [Read more]

Everett to develop new scenic hotel

August 17, 2017 by  

The Port of Everett will begin development on a new waterfront hotel.

The Port Commission signed an [Read more]

Everett Washington Gift Show offers marketing potential

July 31, 2017 by  

The Everett Washington Gift Show taking place this fall is an opportunity to network by getting a booth or simply attending the show.

This show has all [Read more]

Everett goes to the theater

June 9, 2017 by  

Residents in Everett are looking forward to the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum’s Pacific Theater Day. The event combines educational lectures with vehicle demonstrations for an interactive [Read more]

Tanks very much at upcoming Everett event

May 13, 2017 by  

Residents in Everett and the surrounding areas are gearing up and getting ready for the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum’s (FHCAM) Sixth Annual Tankfest NW.

The all-day event has [Read more]

Quilt show to leave Everett in stitches

April 10, 2017 by  

Quilters and other craft enthusiasts in the Everett area are getting ready for the 2017 Everett Quilt Show.

The two-day event [Read more]

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