Unique food truck event strikes in Reno

July 31, 2018 by  

An event currently taking place in the Reno, Nevada is Feed the Camel at the McKinley Arts & Culture Center’s ‘Hump Day’. Located on Riverside Drive next to the Truckee River, the event is not actually about feeding camels, but [Read more]

Reno ride to help culinary students make their dreams come true

June 23, 2018 by  

Reno motorcycle owners have been invited to hit the road in support of a cause that will help local culinary students reach their future career goals.

The participants in the [Read more]

Reno to mark ‘hump day’ with foodie-friendly fun

May 24, 2018 by  

Wednesday, which is commonly known as ‘hump day’, may soon become a day to look forward to thanks to a special Reno event.

Local food trucks will be [Read more]

Reno area market readying to return for another year

April 23, 2018 by  

An annual event located near Reno is set to return for another season, and it will offer an assortment of activities that celebrate local agriculture and artisans.

The 39 North Marketplace, which takes place in [Read more]

Reno classes set to focus on home-based horticulture

March 23, 2018 by  

Reno green thumbs and gardening newbies alike who would like to add to their horticultural skillset will soon have a chance to do so by taking part in [Read more]

Reno beginner podcast workshop planned

February 24, 2018 by  

As podcasts become more popular, an increasing number of people are becoming interested in learning how to start one of their own, and a [Read more]

Reno to offer an evening of beer-themed fun

January 21, 2018 by  

Reno residents and visitors alike have been issued an invitation to an event that will see them stave off the cold with a range of brews.

‘Freeze Your Pints Off’ winter beer festival, which will [Read more]

Reno event to focus on self advocacy for those with developmental delays 

December 20, 2017 by  

Reno families with a child who has developmental delays are being offered an opportunity to participate in a program that will help to foster their leadership and other skills.

The Nevada Partners Leadership Program, which is an initiative of the Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities, will give both individuals with developmental delays, as well as [Read more]

Reno healthcare facility to offer behind-the-scenes tour

November 4, 2017 by  

Northern Nevada HOPES, which is located in Reno, will be opening its doors to members of the public who would like to get a sneak peek into what goes on in this local healthcare facility.

The institution has [Read more]

Music festival sounded out before New Year

December 26, 2013 by  

As of tomorrow, the Nevada Chamber Music Festival is on stage featuring four live musicians who will discuss their unique and interesting musical journeys that have taken them from the beginning until where they are today.

This festival will be of interest to [Read more]

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