Remodeling scheduled for Roswell Library

August 7, 2018 by  

The Roswell Library will be closing soon for remodeling, since the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System has heard from its users that they are judging a book by its cover, and would like to see improvements in [Read more]

Citizens Academy upcoming in Roswell

July 22, 2018 by  

A growing number of cities are making it easier for residents to understand how their police department does its job, by holding academies to acquaint them with the inner workings of the law enforcement agency. Roswell is [Read more]

Roswell company wins national award

June 19, 2018 by  

Handcrafted Homes, Inc., which is based in Roswell, has won the prestigious National Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence.

The company was [Read more]

Sun Valley Drive Extension now open in Roswell

May 20, 2018 by  

Officials opened the Sun Valley Drive Extension recently with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Among the dignitaries present [Read more]

East Alley Improvement Project opens soon

April 17, 2018 by  

Roswell will open its East Alley Improvement Project this week with a ribbon-cutting, according to an article in the North Fulton Neighbor.

The ‘East Alley Pathway’, as [Read more]

Roswell Fire Department hosting CPR classes

March 21, 2018 by  

The Roswell Fire Department has scheduled two CPR classes for members of the community who wish to learn this lifesaving technique.

The department’s instructors will use the [Read more]

Job boost for Roswell as property group moves in

February 18, 2018 by  

Brixmor Property Group, which operates open-air, high-quality shopping centers, has moved its regional office to Roswell, and brought 50 jobs with [Read more]

Roswell makes plans to recycle Christmas trees

January 5, 2018 by  

Getting rid of the Christmas tree is an annual problem for many people, but Roswell has the answer: its ‘Bring One for the Chipper’ effort.

For the 27th year, Roswell is [Read more]

New bus route begins in Roswell

December 23, 2017 by  

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) has just started a new route in Roswell, after the organization’s Board of Directors voted to add buses to [Read more]

Work continues to repair Roswell sinkhole

November 14, 2017 by  

A sinkhole on Highway 9 in Roswell has reopened, and work to repair it is due to finish today.

The sinkhole was caused when a storm drain about 20 feet beneath the road rusted through and collapsed. The Georgia Department of Transportation and the city’s Transportation Department are working together to make certain the work is done safely and properly. The sinkhole is between Oxbo Road and Oak Street.

One lane will be open each direction during the repairs, but officials suggest drivers find alternate routes if at all possible, since Highway 9 will not be able to carry as much traffic as usual.

Repairs will entail constructing a new pipeline to pass beneath the road, in addition to building the structures associated with it on either side of the thoroughfare. The work should be finished today, depending on the weather.

In general, sinkholes usually form when an underground void appears, creating a depression that drains everything near it. In this particular case, the water pipe collapsed and earth filled the space created when the pipe crumpled. Water from the pipe saturated the soil, further weighing it down, while a cavity formed on top of the pipe and expanded upward until it reached the surface.

When incidents like this occur, officials can work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents warning them of the danger and suggesting alternative routes.

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