Fayetteville grants zoning change

August 14, 2018 by  

The Fayetteville City Council recently approved a zoning change that allows the massive Folia Crossroads development to move forward. [Read more]

Fayetteville approves rezoning measure

July 10, 2018 by  

The battle over a plot of land in Pinewood Forest appears to be over, with the disputed property to be used as a parking lot for Piedmont Wellness Center. Eventually, the lot will be transformed into a parking structure.

The progress is [Read more]

Fayetteville students brainstorm an ideal city

June 13, 2018 by  

Recently, third-grade students in Fayetteville’s Spring Hill Elementary School were asked to think about how to build a ‘good community’.

Their project ended up in a [Read more]

Main Street Fayetteville has a new logo

May 12, 2018 by  

Members of the Fayetteville City Council recently approved a new logo for Main Street Fayetteville, pleasing Brian Wismer, Fayetteville’s Downtown Development Director, according to [Read more]

Fayetteville to celebrate Georgia Cities Week

April 8, 2018 by  

The upcoming Georgia Cities Week will see an eight-day celebration of community.

The impetus comes from [Read more]

Fayetteville wants to hear from photographers

March 8, 2018 by  

The City of Fayetteville recently announced it is holding a photography contest to promote the arts, encourage people to visit the community, and create an exhibit for the [Read more]

Broadway Diner plans approved

February 12, 2018 by  

The Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission recently gave the thumbs up to a request from Steve Theodorakis, owner of the Broadway Diner, to [Read more]

New mixed-use complex planned for Fayetteville

January 12, 2018 by  

Fayetteville, Georgia, could become the site of a new mixed-use development, though the project is in the very early planning stages.

Bob Rolader and [Read more]

Pinewood Forrest to feature wellness center

December 11, 2017 by  

Pinewood Forrest, a new housing development now rising in Fayetteville, will also have a wellness center included, according to a recent article in the Fayette News.

Piedmont Fayette Hospital, Pinewood Forrest itself, and [Read more]

Stars fall on Fayetteville

November 9, 2017 by  

Movie buffs in Fayetteville had a great time recently, when stars began arriving in the city to start filming the next “Avengers” films.

The movies are being made at [Read more]

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