Calhoun Chamber calendar offers variety this month

June 1, 2012 by  

Although a lot of people’s schedules are beginning to change as the summer months draw near, the Calhoun County Chamber has taken steps to ensure that its members have more chances to interact with one another and [Read more]

Chamber has big plans for May

May 1, 2012 by  

Members of Anniston’s business community are in for a treat with Connect @ Lunch covering the topic of twitter and blogging while the seminar taking place the following day addresses an important part of succeeding as a business in company to customer relations. Either way, there’s plenty of information local and nearby professionals can choose from this month. [Read more]

Two Calhoun County Chamber events open this fortnight

April 2, 2012 by  

Anniston business owners have at least a couple of interesting events to choose from this month, with the next “Business & Biscuits” meeting taking place as well as an upcoming installment of [Read more]

Calhoun County hosts variety of events this month

March 1, 2012 by  

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce has wasted no time in getting its members plenty of opportunities to network and learn in the upcoming days. [Read more]

Calhoun Chamber gives Anniston professionals some options to consider

February 1, 2012 by  

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce has a full February ahead of it with events like Youth Leadership Calhoun County, Connect @ Lunch, and Leadership Calhoun County planned.

Interestingly enough, everything starts with the Connect @ Lunch meeting February 8th at noon. In recognition of the fact that companies can’t rely exclusively on digital business cards online, this hour-long session is being promoted under the title “Website Basics for the Technologically Challenged”.

Members are being charged $10.00 with reservation [Read more]

Calhoun Chamber of Commerce looks to have a busy January

January 4, 2012 by  

It looks like leadership’s the theme that the Calhoun Chamber of Commerce will be emphasizing at the start of 2012.

Beginning with a meeting for Youth Leadership Calhoun County on January 12, 2012, the Chamber will be encouraging the young people of Calhoun County to develop the practical skills they [Read more]

Local Businesses benefit from Black Friday Sales

December 1, 2011 by  

The residents of Anniston and the surrounding areas didn’t need to see any poster printing or flyer printing to know that Black Friday was going to be a worthwhile shopping event. [Read more]