Hohokus morning event planned in support of some tiny residents

April 15, 2018 by  

Some of the Hohokus area’s tiniest residents are in need of a helping hand, and the James A. McFaul Environmental Center will be the location of an event that will [Read more]

Candle making class on offer near Hohokus

March 13, 2018 by  

Hohokus residents looking for a workshop that may add some brightness to their lives may wish to make plans to attend an event planned for their [Read more]

Hohokus area to host vegan-themed event

February 12, 2018 by  

Hohokus vegans, along with anyone who is interested in finding out more about a diet free of meat and dairy, are welcome to attend the first ever [Read more]

Hohokus area event to recognize local ASD moms

January 14, 2018 by  

Mothering a child with an autism spectrum disorder can be a full-time and stressful job, and during an afternoon activity that will be held near Hohokus, these women will be able to [Read more]

Hohokus college funding presentation planned 

December 20, 2017 by  

Paying for post secondary education can be very expensive, and a workshop will teach Hohokus families ways that they can help to easy the financial burden.

The attendees in the Little Known Secrets of Paying For College information session will have an opportunity to learn about different ways that they can help fund their [Read more]

Hohokus area homes to be decked out for the holidays

November 24, 2017 by  

A special event will soon be held in Hohokus that will give the public a chance to enjoy an extra helping of holiday cheer.

The Holiday House Tour, which is [Read more]

Hohokus invited to local festival of winter fun

October 19, 2017 by  

This fall, residents of Hohokus will be able to greet the cold days of winter during an event that will include all sorts of winter activities for the whole community to [Read more]

Hohokus workshops to provide an introduction to yoga

September 17, 2017 by  

A day has been planned for the Hohokus area that will give those who participate an introduction to yoga in an environment that is both supportive and friendly.

During the [Read more]

Classes planned for new parents near Hohokus

August 22, 2017 by  

Becoming a new parent can sometimes feel overwhelming, and a Hohokus area event will provide helpful tips and other support to those adjusting to their [Read more]

Major craft event planned for Hohokus

July 22, 2017 by  

Hohokus will soon be hosting a large outdoor craft show that will take place in a peaceful and shady outdoor setting.

The Heritage Outdoor Art and Craft Show will [Read more]

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