Inside look at noir film near East Hanover

January 1, 2019 by  

The Morris Museum, which is a short drive from East Hanover, hosts a number of special events throughout the year. One upcoming event is part of the Inside Cinema series, and concerns noir films. ‘Macao’ will [Read more]

East Hanover celebrates the holidays with horses

December 14, 2018 by  

Approximately nine miles away from East Hanover, the Seaton Hackney Stables will be holding its 17th annual holiday party this winter, welcoming children and adults alike. There will be a variety of activities during the [Read more]

East Hanover celebrates local artist

November 13, 2018 by  

Lisa Palombo, an award-winning American Impressionist, opens her workshop every year for the public to showcase her new art.

This year will be the [Read more]

East Hanover learns to dance

October 13, 2018 by  

Locals can learn to Contra dance courtesy of The Folk Project, with beginner lessons and open dancing available next month.

The Folk Project holds dancing at [Read more]