Stow police now equipped with cameras

March 29, 2016 by  

Joining what appears to be a trend, police officers in Stow are testing body cameras.

In total, 15 officers began wearing the [Read more]

Stow mulls over a major change

February 26, 2016 by  

In her state-of-the-city address on February 16, Sara Drew, the mayor of Stow, outlined projects to come in 2016, the most important being combining dispatch services with Cuyahoga Falls.

Cuyahoga Falls and Stow have been [Read more]

Stow lovebirds can get married on Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2016 by  

Stow residents who want to tie the knot or renew their vows can do so on the very special date of February 14.

According to a January 16 announcement on [Read more]

Stow reconstruction project nears completion

December 29, 2015 by  

The reconstruction of Marhofer Chevrolet’s dealership should be finished in a few months.

A new building has been constructed, but work is [Read more]

Stow seeks grant to help firefighters

November 30, 2015 by  

On November 19, members of the Stow City Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that would allow the [Read more]

Stow EMS celebrates 25 years

October 18, 2015 by  

Stow celebrated its emergency medical service (EMS) with a Safety Forces open house on October 7.

Fire Lieutenant Thad Krejci and [Read more]

Aviation Heritage Fair coming to Stow

September 18, 2015 by  

The Andrew W. Paton Field at Kent State University in Stow is about to become the site of the Aviation Heritage Fair.

The fair will feature classic airplanes, balloon rides, and speakers, including a winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Roy S. Richardson, one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, is a veteran of World War II, where he worked on the flight line performing aircraft maintenance, pre-flighting, and taxiing aircraft.

Also speaking is Irena Wentzel, who is a first officer with Delta Air Lines. She is one of a small but growing number of women flying for major carriers.

Also on the roster are Ken Ramsey, a Vietnam veteran and fighter pilot; Joshua Eyring, who is head of aircraft maintenance at the university’s airport; and Robert Priestly, assistant professor of aeronautics.

There will be an opportunity for people to take hot air balloon rides. The balloons will be airborne at sunrise, which is 7:09 am, so people need to be at the airport by 6:30 am. Tickets will go fast, so it is recommended to buy them in advance.

The highlight of the day is likely to be the classic airplanes that will fly in for the event. Last year’s attractions included a World War II-vintage B-25.

Event organizers could work with brochure printers on a booklet for the day, describing the classic aircraft, listing other vendors, and including a map for visitors.

Stow-Munroe Falls schools plan improvements

August 30, 2015 by  

On August 3, the Stow-Munroe Falls school board voted their approval of two resolutions that approve 15-year bond issues in [Read more]

Scares in Stow as month ends

July 14, 2015 by  

Spooky stories and weird folk-tales will be coming to the Stow area, when Wandering Aesthetics presents ‘Boogers, Witches and Haints: Spooky Stories from Appalachia’, a world premiere to be held in [Read more]

Stow goes transparent with information on spending

June 30, 2015 by  

Stow has decided to follow the lead of Ohio’s treasurer, Josh Mandel, and put the city’s checkbook in the public domain.

Mandel last year kicked off [Read more]

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