Long-running art event reaches year 54

June 12, 2013 by  

As the longest running invitational art event in the country, the Annual Midwestern Invitation features artists from across the Midwest, and next week will see it held for the 54th time.

This year, more than 90 artists are participating, so [Read more]

Handel classic the subject of brand new presentation

May 3, 2013 by  

A new production of Handel’s ‘Giulio Caesar’ is an encore being showcased in a selected number of theaters – one of which is here in Fargo.

This metropolitan opera is a [Read more]

Fargo gets ready for Friday funniness

April 17, 2013 by  

Later this week in Fargo, comedian Gabriel Iglesias is sure to delight audiences with his wit and electrifying performance. A must-see performer, he constantly delivers an inspirational and unique comedy experience that is widely-considered to [Read more]

Literary liaisons on the way this week

March 19, 2013 by  

The National Book Awards is celebrating its 8th annual presentation later this week and will feature visits from such authors as Domingo Martinez, a finalist for nonfiction and National Book Award winner, and Louise Erdrich, winner of the [Read more]

Sweet-centered event on its way

February 20, 2013 by  

Adding a tasty treat to next week, ‘Chocolate Lollipops’ provides tweens and teens with the opportunity to make their own lollipops that can be given to that special someone.

Promising to offer a lot of [Read more]

A Chorus Line set to get going in Fargo

January 9, 2013 by  

A Chorus Line, one of Broadway’s greatest hits that has won a Pulitzer and 12 Tony Awards, is just a week away from a Fargo showing. This ground-breaking musical production should be seen by everyone at [Read more]

Fargo folk invited to Santa Village

December 9, 2012 by  

The Santa Village at Rheault Farm is a great family outing taking place right through the month to celebrate the special holiday season of giving. At the farm, children will be able to visit with Santa in a [Read more]

Something’s baking in Moorhead

November 13, 2012 by  

The Holiday Bake Sale is an annual event hosted by Concordia College and features home-made baking, by order, for families during the holiday season. This event has been bringing families from [Read more]

Prairie comes alive with animal adventure

October 12, 2012 by  

Anyone looking to learn more about the exotic animals that live on the prairies, as well as the history of the prairies themselves, could do no better than to visit this weekend’s [Read more]

Planetarium show offers out-of-this-world fun

September 19, 2012 by  

Galactic levels of glee can currently be found at ‘The Little Star that Could’ – a program designed for families but especially geared towards [Read more]

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