Burnsville brides-to-be provided with afternoon of inspiration

September 3, 2018 by  

An event on the agenda for the Burnsville area will be seeking to make wedding planning a whole lot easier for local soon-to-be-weds.

The occasion, which has [Read more]

Burnsville kids invited to enjoy a royally good time

August 3, 2018 by  

Little princes and princesses from Burnsville have been invited to be a part of a day that will be filled with royal good times.

Dream Parties will [Read more]

Burnsville reunion will celebrate Class of 1978’s 40th year

July 5, 2018 by  

Former students of Bloomington Lincoln High School will soon have an opportunity to come to a Burnsville event where they can meet and catch up with old friends and classmates from 40 years ago.

The Black Diamond Restaurant will be [Read more]

Appreciation event planned for Burnsville vets

June 5, 2018 by  

This July, the country will be celebrating National Hot Dog Day, and to mark the occasion, a special event has been planned that will show some love to Burnsville and area veterans.

The Trust Vets member [Read more]

Calling all Burnsville budding vets

May 3, 2018 by  

Hopeful vets from Burnsville and the surrounding communities are invited to bring along their favorite stuffed toy and come to an event that will give them some hands-on STEM experience.

STEM Bunnies will be [Read more]

Burnsville area event to shine a light on Lyme’s

April 3, 2018 by  

This spring, Burnsville residents will have an opportunity to learn how they can protect themselves from Lyme disease while they are having fun in the great [Read more]

Burnsville area pasta fundraiser planned 

March 3, 2018 by  

A fundraiser that will soon be held in Burnsville will give stray and feral cats a chance to find a “forever home”.

The Wee3beaties Pasta for Paws fundraiser will offer the public a way of supporting felines in need while enjoying an event with other [Read more]

Burnsville class will see students roll their own sushi

February 2, 2018 by  

Sushi is a food that has been steadily growing in popularity, and Burnsville residents who would like to learn more about how they can prepare it at [Read more]

Burnsville workshop will help to keep freezers full 

January 6, 2018 by  

Having a freezer that is stocked with pre-made frozen meals can be a real time saver, and a Burnsville area workshop will see participants craft their own set of prepared dishes to freeze at home.

Those who attend the Lakeville Hy-Vee Simple Mix Freezer Meal Prep Class will each make six healthy meals that they will be able to use to [Read more]

Burnsville TV stations release their winter broadcast schedule

December 13, 2017 by  

Winter is on the way for Burnsville, but the cold weather will not stop its television station from providing the local area with information that may be of interest to its residents.

The channel, which [Read more]

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