Downtown association awards Plymouth market

November 6, 2018 by  

Shoppers at Westborn Market in Plymouth have ample reminders of the building’s past life as US Post Office.

When former post office was [Read more]

Plymouth-Canton elementary school contemplates name change

October 19, 2018 by  

New research has members of the Plymouth-Canton Board of Education thinking about changing the name of one of its elementary schools.

Gallimore Elementary School might [Read more]

New principal heads up school near Plymouth

September 16, 2018 by  

Isbister Elementary School in Plymouth has started the academic year under a new reign.

The new principal, Emily Hawthorne knew [Read more]

Plymouth restaurant benefits from rooftop garden

August 15, 2018 by  

Some restaurants boast about having a “farm to table” menu, but E.G. Nick’s restaurant in Plymouth is going a step further and offering its customers a “garden to table” menu.

After 18 years in [Read more]

Hefty donation speeds up project near Plymouth

July 13, 2018 by  

Glenn Shaw was not thrilled with the rate at which construction on the Village Arts Factory in Canton, near Plymouth, was moving, so he did something about it.

Shaw made a [Read more]

Plan for Plymouth Historical Museum threatened by ordinances

June 19, 2018 by  

An important piece of Plymouth history might be caught up in red tape.

Officials at Plymouth Historical Museum hope to [Read more]

Plymouth charity aims to raise $10,000 in one night

April 17, 2018 by  

For more than a decade, a local charity in Plymouth has provided grants totaling more than $100,000 to area nonprofits. The charity, Giving Hope, Women’s Giving Circle, hopes to [Read more]

Plymouth fountain to remain shut down for the foreseeable future

March 18, 2018 by  

Sometimes, when things don’t work quite as they should, it’s best to start over from scratch. That is the case with the fountain in Kellogg Park in [Read more]

Plymouth authorities weigh pros and cons of paid parking

February 23, 2018 by  

A committee in Plymouth has a tough choice to make – whether to charge drivers to park in the downtown area, or add a special assessment for [Read more]

Renovations underway at former Box Bar in Plymouth

January 17, 2018 by  

After three quarters of a century in business, the Box Bar in Plymouth closed its doors for good last month.

The very next day, the [Read more]

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