Spectacular automobile show scheduled for 2019

November 25, 2018 by  

The La Jolla Concours d’Elegance will be coming back to La Jolla in the spring of next year. This classic automobile show is sufficiently close to Sorrento Valley that residents of that community will not want to [Read more]

Highest athletic award given in Sorrento Valley

October 31, 2018 by  

The Jim MacLauren Award was recently presented to Bob Babbitt, at the Celebration of Abilities Awards Dinner for 2018 in Sorrento Valley at the Qualcomm Theater.

This award is [Read more]

Popular jazz festival returns to Sorrento Valley

September 25, 2018 by  

Residents of Sorrento Valley will want to attend the nearby 39th annual San Diego Jazz Fest coming up this November.

Loved by discerning fans of [Read more]

Wellness fair to be held in September

August 28, 2018 by  

The first Family Wellness Fair will be held by Bastyr University Clinic next month [Read more]

Coffee specialists join forces with local baker

July 26, 2018 by  

Ironsmith Coffee Roasters has recently entered into a partnership with Wayfarer Bread to open a bakery inside a coffee shop. Ironsmith is located in La Jolla, sufficiently close to Sorrento Valley, that residents of that [Read more]

New skincare boutique opens near Sorrento Valley

June 30, 2018 by  

A new skincare and makeup shop, Seamakers & Co., recently opened in La Jolla, a village sufficiently close to Sorrento Valley that residents of that community will want to try out its products and services.

The shop offers [Read more]

Southern California emergency facility recognized for high-quality senior care

May 31, 2018 by  

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) recently accredited the Gary and Mary West Emergency Department at the University of California (UC) San Diego Health in La Jolla as an emergency department for older adults. This [Read more]

Two Sorrento Valley companies split in mutually beneficial agreement

April 29, 2018 by  

Data Quarry Inc., headquartered in Sorrento Valley, recently announced a separation from DockOn AG. DockOn originally developed Data Quarry to help its engineers perform analysis and [Read more]

New dining experiences to open in Sorrento Valley

March 30, 2018 by  

A new food hall, Park Commons, will be coming to Sorrento Valley this summer, joining the ones currently in the works in Carlsbad and Little Italy.

The project will be [Read more]

Sorrento Valley area event to celebrate pets

February 28, 2018 by  

A day of fun is on the way for the Sorrento Valley area, and the public are invited to bring the furry, feathery, and scaly members of the [Read more]

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