Panorama City Kidney Center purchased by Ambulatory Services of America

January 23, 2013 by  

Ambulatory Services of America, based in Brentwood, has purchased a majority interest in the Kidney Center of Panorama City, as well as five other dialysis centers and an acute dialysis program throughout the area.

The other kidney centers involved in the deal are located in Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Verdugo Hills, Van Nuys, and West Los Angeles. Ambulatory Services Inc. purchased the facilities from Kidney Centers Inc and Kant Tucker, M.D, who is Kidney Centers Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer, stated:

“We have spent the last 13 years working to develop these centers with our physician partners while providing excellent care to our patients. Over that period, these six centers have grown to provide care to more than 700 patients. We are confident that ASA and Innovative Dialysis will continue to work with our former partners to build on our legacy.”

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The acute dialysis program that was purchased by American Ambulatory Services serves eight hospitals throughout the area, and the six kidney dialysis centers combine to serve approximately 700 patients. Combined with its other facilities, the company now serves about 7,000 patients through a total of 85 different dialysis programs.

Christmas Parade and Festival kicks of holiday season

December 25, 2012 by  

The annual Christmas Parade and Festival in downtown Pacoima, located approximately 5 miles northeast of Panorama City, took place on Saturday, December 1.

This was the 45th year for [Read more]

Kaiser Federal Bank changes name to Simplicity Bank

November 21, 2012 by  

As of November 13, Kaiser Federal Bank, serving Panorama City and a number of other locations throughout the area, officially rebranded itself as Simplicity Bank. The name is not all that [Read more]

New Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market opens in Panorama City

October 22, 2012 by  

A Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market opened late last month in Panorama City to joyful tunes performed by the city’s high school band. The band played celebratory music in the parking lot as hundreds of [Read more]

Kaiser Permanente celebrates 50 years in Panorama City

September 13, 2012 by  

Last month, Kaiser Permanente Panorama City commemorated five decades of service in Panorama City. The celebration was not only held in honor of the center’s 50th anniversary, but also served as a groundbreaking ceremony of its new specialty building in Panorama City. In addition, plans were revealed for a new medical center to be located in North Hollywood.

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The facility in Panorama first opened in 1962 with Irving Kiltsner, MD at the helm as the center’s first medical director. Dr. Kiltsner was in attendance at the ceremony and was joined by the Southern California Permanente Medical Group’s executive medical director, Edward M. Ellison, MD. The senior vice president of operations for the Southern California office, Bill Caswell, was also present at the celebration, in addition to a number of area business leaders, community members, and elected officials.

$250,000 in benefits grants was also awarded at the ceremony to a number of non-profit organizations in the area. These organizations included Youth Speak Collectively, Valley Family Center, Penny Lane Centers, San Fernando Valley Community Mental Health Center, and a number of other nonprofits located in and around the area.

Chamber to get in the swing of Night Golf Classic

August 19, 2012 by  

As is par for the course, the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber has given business professionals a fairly balanced calendar to work with this August. Between the next segment of [Read more]

Mega networking event this week

July 16, 2012 by  

Panorama City-based business owners have at least a couple of events towards which they can plan with an investing workshop taking place soon along with the highly anticipated “LA’s Largest Mixer.”

Events get going later [Read more]

Chamber wraps up June with networking events

June 18, 2012 by  

Once again, Panorama City business professionals are in an excellent position to promote themselves thanks to the efforts of the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber. Between the networking breakfast and the [Read more]

Real estate-oriented workshop on the way

May 18, 2012 by  

Career-minded individuals from Panorama City have at least a couple of events which they can look forward to over the course of the next [Read more]

Network Connection Breakfast Takes Place April 25th

April 24, 2012 by  

Between the upcoming Network Connection Breakfast and the Inaugural Ball Committee Meeting taking place immediately afterwards, it’s clear that the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce has done its part to ensure that professionals from Panorama City and other nearby communities will be able to end the month of April on a strong note. [Read more]

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