La-Z-Boy moves major operations to Upper Marlboro

May 30, 2018 by  

La-Z-Boy, a national manufacturer of furniture, recently signed a lease for 12 years for a building of 228,000 square feet in size at the Collington Trade Center.

The Upper Marlboro building is part of the Collington Park industrial and commercial campus, which is owned by AEW and MRP Industrial.

The location of the building, along one of the main north/south corridors in the county and close to major interstate roads in the area, provides easy access to the surrounding area and Washington, D.C. The building itself has ceilings that are 32 feet high, concrete flooring, and a 185-foot truck court.

The facility will be used for the distribution and logistics operations of the company. It is expected to be opened by the fall of this year.

There is also a FedEx Ground sorting and package facility in the park. A building that can be used for research and development and other operations, as well as a commercial building one story in height, will be added by MRP Industrial.

Co-founder and principal of MRP Industrial, D. Reid Townsend, said this endeavor highlights the logistic and economic benefits of Prince George’s County.

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