Downtown Tyler to gain new multiuse development project

May 16, 2017 by  

The City Council of Tyler recently approved the sale of a tract of land it owns in the downtown, making way for the construction of 4,800 square feet of commercial and retail space, as well as 96 apartment units.

The site is 3.75 acres in size and was sold to the Scarborough family of Tyler, the developers of the project that formed the company of Three Princes Partners. The project is expected to cost $10m and will include three-quarters of an acre of open green space.

Chris Burrow of the Henry S. Miller Company directs the Land Advisory Group, which is the firm representing Tyler on the planning and marketing of the property. He commented that the project is well designed and will add value to downtown Tyler.

Other improvements in the downtown area, such as new restaurants, the renovated People’s Petroleum Building, a new parking garage, and Gallery Main Street, have made this project possible and developed the downtown area into an attractive residential area, he added.

Burrows said that plans are in the works for a boutique hotel to be built on the property as well.

Banner printing companies can be hired to create signs that can be displayed around the new property, so those coming to downtown Tyler will know what to expect in the location.