Tustin actors show rock solid support

August 1, 2017 by  

This summer, Tustin’s ‘Broadway in the Park’ is putting on ‘Annie’, and as part of the promotion for the play, the cast painted Annie-themed rocks as their contribution to ‘Tustin Rocks’.

‘Orphans’ from the production were taking part in what has become a growing trend. The Kindness Rock Project began two years ago in Massachusetts, and involves painting individual stones with an emblem, city name, motivational message, or a Facebook address and request to post a picture.

Tustin’s Community Services Commission Chair Donna Marsh Perry first learned of the Kindness Rock Project several months ago, and created a Facebook page titled ‘Tustin Rocks’.

Although the Kindness Rocks Project has spread across the country, as well as outside the United States, Tustin Rocks is Orange County’s only registered chapter. The more than 1,000 rocks decorated so far in Tustin are a testament to the project’s popularity here, with real enthusiasts leaving rocks along their vacation route and at their destination.

Tustin Area Council for the Fine Arts board member Cathy Crair recognized the promotional potential of Tustin Rocks and decided to expand upon the usual marketing via banners and flyers. She explains:

“I thought ‘what a great opportunity to merge performing arts with visual arts’.”

Some of the rocks the cast dispersed offered themed prizes for the play, which is being held August 15-19 at dusk in Peppertree Park.