Torrington workshop to outline the joys of raising chickens

June 20, 2018 by  

More and more people are finding out that raising chickens on their property can help them to enjoy a more sustainable lifestyle, and Torrington residents who are considering adding a flock to their family may wish to take part in an upcoming information session.

The ‘Gardening with Outdoor Chickens’ event will provide an overview of raising these birds on a small scale. It will outline the benefits (such as knowing where food is coming from and having access to a supply of freshly laid eggs) that come with keeping chickens.

Amanda Morris, who will be leading the presentation, will explain different styles of raising hens and roosters, how to ensure they have a proper diet, how to encourage kids to help take care of and enjoy spending time with them, and also how chickens can be helpful in the garden. Anyone who is interested is welcome to participate in the hour-long workshop.

Pamphlets for an event like this can be provided by a local brochure printing company. Those who plan on taking part are encouraged to ask questions to help them get the most from the hobby of raising backyard chickens.

This opportunity for learning will be held in the Torrington Library on Thursday, July 12, starting at 6:30 pm. Registration for the session will open on Sunday, July 1.