Torrance event to showcase area’s dragons

June 13, 2017 by  

The tiny dragons that grace the air around Torrance play an important role in the local ecosystem, and a workshop that has been planned for the community will teach the public all about these small but deadly airborne hunters.

Professor Connie Vadheim will be facilitating the session, which will focus on the dragonfly species that can be found in the local area. She will lead the discussion about these insects, their amazing flight abilities that allow them to fly straight up, down, sideways, backwards and even to hover like a helicopter. She will also shed light on their life cycle, which is split between time in the water as a nymph and the air as an adult, and teach attendees the steps they can take to attract them to their gardens where they help to control pesky insects such as mosquitoes.

After the talk, the group will be led outdoors to look for dragonflies and discuss them further. The class, which is geared to adults, is being offered free of charge although donations to help support the Madrona Marsh Nature Center and Preserve will be most welcome and appreciated. A printing services provider will be able to supply those who organize community events such as this with all the printed materials they need to make it a success.

This workshop dedicated to these tiny hunters will be held on July 1st at the center, which can be found at 3201 Plaza Del Amo in Torrance. More details can be found on the city’s website listings.