Advanced directive workshop planned for Torrance

July 8, 2017 by  

The Providence Institute for Human Caring has planned an information session for Torrance that will shine a light on the topic of advanced directives, and people from throughout the local area are welcome to attend.

During the workshop, participants will learn all about these documents and their scope, along with other details that can help people to prepare ones that are a good choice for their individual circumstances.

An advanced directive outlines what medical treatments they want should they be facing a health crisis, and can also give more specific details about a person’s wishes for medical care should they not be able to state these for themselves.

The session will be facilitated by a representative of the Providence Institute for Human Caring, who will also be going tips about how those who attend can start a conversation about the subject with their doctors and family. The organizer noted that these directives can be written by anyone who is 18 or older. A local printer can supply brochures, as well as copies of templates and other materials that can help people when preparing these types of documents.

This free information session has been planned for Torrance on July 28 at 5315 Torrance Boulevard. Anyone who is interested in registering to participate, or who simply wants further details, has been asked to contact the organization’s Health Resource Center Coordinator at 1-888-432-5464.