Tomball invited to come shop and celebrate at local market

February 28, 2018 by  

Tomball’s Market Days Rosehill Junction will be marking Autism Awareness month with a day of special activities that will be held in conjunction with its usual offerings.

The market, which includes vendors and artisans from throughout the local area, will be featuring both a poem and art contest, and the winners will receive prizes that have been specially selected for the occasion. The theme for the day will be ‘Frogs and Ladybugs’, and the public is invited to join in the fun. Print shops can supply award certificates and other printed items for use during an event like this.

As April has been designated as Autism Awareness Month, a booth will be set up on site to share information about this developmental disorder that affects communication and social interaction. There will also be a variety of specials on offer, and the vendors of antiques, art, metalwork, home décor, furniture, wood working, handmade soap and the many other local crafters who have come to be a usual part of the market will all be in attendance. The public is welcome to browse and shop throughout the day, which will start at 9:00 am.

Market Days Rosehill Junction will be celebrating Autism Awareness Month on April 14 at 22019 Decker Prairie Rosehill Road in Tomball. Anyone who would like to find out more can do so on its All Events in Tomball website listing.