Tacoma welcomes residents’ feedback at upcoming meetings

July 8, 2017 by  

Residents of Tacoma are being offered an opportunity to take part in one of a series of community engagement events that have been planned for this city this summer.

During the Budget and Brews discussion sessions, participants will have a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the city operates. In each of the events, a spokesperson from Tigard city government will be on hand to give a brief presentation about a different aspect of the city administration and governance. After this, the crowd will be invited to ask questions and give feedback about how any concerns they have, express how they feel the community is meeting their needs, and put forward any suggestions they might have.

Those who come out will be treated to a glass of their favorite local beer, and other beverages will also be available for anyone who would prefer to have a different option. A local provider of mailing services can send out notices to area households to let them know when and where community engagement activities like this are taking place.

The Budget and Brews events will be held in different locations throughout the summer, with some in the morning and others in the evening hours. They have been planned for July 20, as well as August 10 and 14. A full listing of these, as well as their locations, can be found on the city’s website.