Tacoma panel to help make sure city is earthquake ready

January 25, 2018 by  

Tacoma’s University of Puget Sound will serve as the venue an event that will shine a spotlight on the topic of earthquake preparedness, and anyone who is interested in learning what to do should “the big one” hit is welcome to attend.

The City Club of Tacoma has organized the “Earthquake! What Now?” symposium, and it will include a panel discussion that involves input from an assortment of experts in the field. They will discuss how the city and its residents can ensure solid preparation should the tremors begin, and also what to do in the aftermath of this type of event.

The panellists, who include Dr. Paul Bodin and Peggy LovellFord, will share their insights into the value of an early warning system and how it can help to mitigate the damage a quake can cause. They will also talk about what can be done, on an individual and city level, to be well prepared for this type of emergency.

The ticket prices for the event start at $25 each, and tickets for wine/coffee/tea and dessert can also be purchased separately. Booklet printing techniques may be utilized by a local printer to create handouts and other materials for this type of occasion.

This informative event will be taking place on February 7. The City Club of Tacoma’s Facebook page can be consulted for additional information.