Work begins on new Cortex station

June 26, 2017 by  

MetroLink is building a new station in St. Louis’s Cortex area, and ground for the project was recently broken by construction crews.

The new station is near BJC Commons, a medical center, along Boyle Avenue. Funds for the project come from private sources as well as a federal grant of $10m.

According to Metro, the station is the start of a project that is designed to increase transportation options and improve infrastructure in the area. Included in the plans are a new MetroLink station that will be placed between the station at the Central West End and the Grand Station, an extension of the platform at Central West End, and the Chouteau Greenway.

The greenway project has been under consideration for over 10 years, and could start with a short, quarter-mile section of a pedestrian/bicycle trail between Sarah Street and Boyle Avenue. The segment would be a test, and will also provide easy access to the MetroLink station.

It is expected that the new station will be complete by Spring 2018. This is the first time MetroLink has expanded since 2006, and the work will bring approximately 170 jobs in the construction trades with it. In addition, the new station will make it easier for about 13,000 people to get to work.

Project like this can benefit if officials work with a newsletter printing company to create a piece for the community, describing the new service.