St. Louis Swap Meet taking time off

May 30, 2017 by  

The St. Louis Swap Meet, a popular event that lures bargain hunters to Antique Row and the riverfront, will not be coming back this year. It will reopen in 2018, though the location has yet to be determined.

The swap meet was started along Antique Row on Cherokee Street in 2015, and then added more dates at the riverfront in 2016.

The reason the swap meet is taking a year off is that its founder, Martin Casas, was field director for Lyda Krewson as she ran for mayor of St. Louis. Krewson won, becoming the first female mayor in the city’s history, and appointed Casas as her special assistant. He felt he could not run the swap meet and help the mayor at the same time, so he decided to put the flea market on hold for a year while he learned his new job.

Casas has many plans for the swap meet when it restarts. He wants to have better connections with startups in the area so small businesses, food service people, and others will feel comfortable using the flea market to advertise and test their products. In order to help his vision, he is trying to find a permanent location and have the meet open on weekends year-round.

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