St. Louis skate park upgraded

September 29, 2017 by  

Skateboarders and followers of the sport had reason to celebrate recently, when the Peter Mathews Memorial Skate Garden in St. Louis reopened after a major upgrade.

The party was highlighted by the appearance of Tony Hawk, a skateboarding superstar whose organization, the Tony Hawk Foundation, gave the park a $25,000 grant for the improvements.

This park is a successor of sorts to another that was located under the Kingshighway Bridge. That park was built by volunteers who love the sport, but did not meet local construction codes and was closed when the highway was renovated. The new park is also a volunteer effort, but has been given approval, making it the only legal skate park located outdoors in the city.

Volunteers built the park on a lot comprising 14,000 square feet, which was once home to a radiator shop. The city first planned to lease the land to the skateboarders’ group, the Kingshighway Vigilante Transitions (KHVT) (a non-profit named for the former park), but instead decided to sell it outright.

Using Kickstarter and GoFundMe, and putting in their own money, KHVT members bought the land and built their park, and now have improved it and reopened it, adding new runs in the park itself, as well as new amenities such as a fire pit and gazebo.

Events like this can be even more fun if organizers use colorful banners to decorate the venue for a party.