St. Louis to join Smart Cities

October 26, 2017 by  

Recently, the office of the mayor announced St. Louis will be joining with other major metropolitan areas in the Smart Cities Initiative.

The Smart Cities measure looks into ways to work smarter and use data to solve problems more efficiently and effectively. Some ideas include such things as street lights that are smart enough to serve several purposes, such as warning police when shots are fired, or shutting down when streets are empty. The data collected by smart lights could also help determine which areas might benefit from having free WiFi installed.

To take advantage of the initiative, St. Louis plans to hire a person to act as the city’s chief technology officer. Mayor Krewson would also like to form a Smart City Commission and several advisory groups. She also wants residents to be involved in plan development.

Money to fund the initiative will come from both the city and the federal government. The St. Louis Development Corporation will provide some of the funding, and a community development grant will be a second source.

The Smart Cities Initiative is a measure put in place by the Obama Administration to help cities discover how new technologies can help improve the quality of life for residents.

Efforts like this can impact many people, so officials might want to work with a newsletter printing company on an update letter for residents.