New American Funding opens branch in St. Louis

August 25, 2017 by  

Mortgage industry leader, New American Funding, recently opened a new center in St. Louis. The facility will be both a regional operations center and a retail branch, and the company acknowledged its expansion with a grand opening celebration.

The new branch, which is a full-service office, is on Olive Boulevard in St. Louis, and was deemed necessary because of the growth in the market in the area. It’s predicted that loan volume in the area will be $400 million by year end, up from $42 million since 2014.

Hamid Hamrah has been instrumental in the expansion of the market, and will oversee the new branch. He said he believes the new space will be welcoming, and encourage people to want to join the New American Funding team in their prime location.

Hamrah has assembled a team for the region comprised of over 100 mortgage professionals. He plans to continue the company’s expansion by increasing the number of local sales and increasing operations. He also looks forward to entering into strategic partnerships with real estate agents, in order to bring workshops and other resources to the community. The new branch will provide a number of products including various types of loans.

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