Center Ice Brewery open in downtown

July 31, 2017 by  

A hockey-themed bar and brewery just opened on Olive Street in downtown St. Louis, bringing a dream of Steve Albers – its owner, operator, and brewer – to fruition.

With the support of his wife Olivia, Albers has worked for three years to open his own brewery.

Albers got interested in working for himself in 2008, when he was in the entrepreneurship program at Webster University. In 2010, he and his two partners began home brewing, calling their company Hat Trick Brewing—a nod to Albers’ interest in hockey. Hat Trick did not survive, but Albers’ dream did. He found financing, equipment, and the location he wanted, and was finally able to open Center Ice Brewery.

He saw that hockey was not a theme in many breweries. A Blues fan as well as playing the sport himself, Albers decided to tap that market and provide an authentic experience for both hockey lovers and craft beer fans. To that end, he has used wood from the old St. Louis Arena to make the tabletops and bar top, and to cover the bar wall. Local artists’ works will be featured on the other tasting room walls.

To start, there will be 10 rotating beers on tap, which Albers hopes to increase to 20.

Enterprises like this can benefit if operators distribute promotional drinkware to the first patrons as a thank you for giving the new spot a try.