Major academic achievements celebrated by students in Spartanburg

May 2, 2017 by  

The first 13 students from Spartanburg High School are expected to graduate from Viking Early College, a program begun in 2013 that enables students to earn a high school diploma and an associate degree from Spartanburg Community College.

Henry Giles, President of Spartanburg Community College, said the program wastargeted at male students who are driven and smart and could excel in a college atmosphere but need additional encouragement to complete college courses.

Spartanburg High School and Spartanburg Community College collaborated on the program, which was held in the Evans Building, the initial home of Spartanburg High School. The program was free to the attending students and transportation was provided for those for whom it was needed.

A small celebration was held for the students, who will be able to participate in the upcoming graduation ceremonies for Spartanburg Community College. Giles said all except two students will earn their associate degree this month while the remaining students will earn their degree before the academic year starts in the fall. One student is planning to attend the College of Charleston to study communications while another plans to study software engineering at the University of South Carolina.

The College might benefit from the assistance of a local printing company to advertise the accomplishments of these students by means of posters and banners.