Texas Renaissance Festival celebrates 38th year

May 21, 2012 by  

Food, drink, dancing, swordplay, and an entire host of different activities make the Texas Renaissance Festival an event to remember. For almost a month and a half, the festival will commemorate and appreciate the talent and arts of the 16th century.

A variety of different performers and actors will walk alongside the costumed attendees to help get them further into the festivities, as well as entertain those that are merely there for the fun. Every year, banner printing and flyer printing services become a heavy practice as the festival’s media correspondence gear up and hire printing companies to aid with the advertizing.

Over the course of the event, a series of different themes will determine the overall feel of the festival during certain weekends. There will be a weekend each for pirates, barbarians, fairies, knights, Greece and Rome, Scottish Highlands, and many other themes. These themes will catalyze a host of different shops corresponding to the theme of the weekend. During the fantasy weekend, one may find bizarre food and weapons to be sold, while during the pirate weekend, one can find different costumes for those that are more immersed into the buccaneer theme. Alongside the different vendors, events such as jousting, ax-throwing contests, singing contests, and so much more will take place during every themed weekend.

Scheduled to run through October 6 – November 25, The Texas Renaissance Festival is held in Todd Mission and never fails to attract people from areas further afield, such as Cinco Ranch and Sugar Land. The varying ticket prices can be found at www.texrenfest.com/buy-tickets.