New flatbed printer targets small producers

February 21, 2012 by  

Océ is demonstrating its arizona 318 GL flatbed printer at the FESPA Digital exhibition this month. The printer, which allows small print companies in Spring and elsewhere, will allow these producers to deliver high quality flatbed UV print products to their customers. This printer is part of Océ’s popular Arizona line and is available at a lower price than the company’s 360 GT model. Sign and banner printing, reprographic work, and other graphics production are among the target applications for this printer. The printer can produce up to 18 square meters hourly using Express Mode which allows an output of 20 boards per hour measuring 70x100cm. However the printer is very versatile and can handle a range of applications in the display graphics sector.

According to the company:

“The true flatbed architecture allows for easy edge-to-edge printing (full bleed), the printing of multiple boards simultaneously, double-sided prints in perfect register and the printing of large displays tiled over several boards – all applications that are difficult to produce on printers that move the media through the printing system.”

The printer also includes a White Ink option so that printing companies can provide under-printing or over-printing or use white as a spot color. This option has proved popular with other Arizona models, and is selected by more than 90% of those purchasing these printers. There is also an option for printing onto flexible media which will be useful for banner printing services. Finally, the printer includes an Océ-designed UV curing system.