Cajun melodrama launches in Spring

August 23, 2013 by  

The Haunting of Bella De Ghoose, a production set in 1890s Cajun country, opened recently at Puffabelly’s Depot Restaurant.

The play evenings feature a dinner and pre-show entertainment to be experienced by the audience as they watch this melodrama unfold. Poster printing, brochure printing, and other printing services may have been used to inform the residents in this community and the surrounding districts.

This play has run since the second weekend in August and guests have reportedly enjoyed the dinner and a musical pre-performance entertainment.

During the play, the events open just prior to the great hurricane of the century. In the opening act, Priscilla Ghosse has a desire to return to the antebellum, her family’s old homestead that she has recently inherited. Determined to go, she convinces her long-time friend, Charmaine Guidry, to leave the Natchitoches and join her on her voyage to inspect the formidable mansion she has inherited that is located in Grand Terre, in the southernmost tip of Louisiana. As events in the story unfold, guests learn the trials and tribulations of the characters’ journey. This production is by Old West Melodramas.

Ticket prices vary depending on seating selection. The Haunting of Bella De Choose will be performed on Friday and Saturday evenings until August 31, at 7:00pm at the Puffabelly’s Depot Restaurant in Old Town Spring, located at 100 Main Street in Spring, Texas. To learn more about this production or to purchase tickets, please visit the Puffabelly’s Depot Restaurant or call the box office at 281-350-3376 during regular business hours.