Zombies get down in San Antonio

October 24, 2012 by  

The zombie craze is in full swing and spreading in Texas at an alarming rate, as evidenced by the fact that survivors of the undead, brain-eating, decaying monsters took over the San Antonio Event Center on October 20.

Zombie Con 2012 encouraged fans of the horror genre to come as ‘zombie survivors’ – those folks who have escaped being dismembered by the hordes of zombies now rampaging through television shows and movie theaters worldwide. Pictures of the event reveal it is impossible to tell a zombie from the survivor of a zombie attack, given the gruesome make-up developed by convention goers. ‘The grosser, the better’ appears to be the principle here, with a great deal of blood, gore, and brains in evidence.

Attendees included zombies, their victims, and the civilians who escaped the zombies’ clutches. They were encouraged to dress as their favorite ‘zombie-survivor’ from a video game or horror film, with a costume contest to determine the most effective makeup providing a $1,000 cash prize.

Other attractions included artists who displayed their works in a ‘Gallery of Horror’, a vendors’ ‘graveyard’ packed with zombie-centered merchandise, and a ‘feeding area’ where hungry zombies could find a snack. Live heavy metal bands played, panels discussed the coming zombie apocalypse, and a theater showed classic zombie films. It appears that a disgustingly good time was had by everyone who attended.

Zombie Con’s organizers could have printed posters to advertise the event throughout the city. They could also have printed flyers to hand out to con-goers, listing the events and times they were to take place.