Workshop to get people cutting and pasting

July 29, 2012 by  

On Saturday, August 4 and Sunday, August 5, the Saving Memories, Making Collage Workshop will be held at McNay Art Museum located at 6000 North New Braunfels Street in San Antonio, Texas. This event will take place from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday and from 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Guests who are planning to attend this workshop will be required to bring a collection of two-dimensional objects from home, although some supplies will be provided for them to use, and must attend both days of the workshop in order to complete their project. This event is open to anyone aged 13 or over. Space is limited, so advanced registration is required.

The McNay Art Museum is located within the home of Marion Koogler McNay, who is now deceased. It is built on 23 acres of land and includes a number of fountains, Japanese gardens, broad lawns, picnic areas, and a fish pond. It boasts a research library consisting of over 30,000 books, as well as a 300-seat auditorium, and a store. The founder, Mrs. McNay, was committed to the enjoyment and advancement of modern art, which is what many of the courses and workshops involve today.

Poster printing and brochure printing may have been used to promote this workshop to people who are interested in creating lasting memories. Admission is $10 for members and $18 for non-members, which includes museum admission. For more information, please visit the McNay Art Museum website or call 210-824-5368.