San Antonio’s sneezy season is underway

December 18, 2012 by  

December is not only the month of Christmas in San Antonio, Texas – it is also the month when Mountain Cedar pollen starts affecting San Antonians who suffer from allergies. Local pollen counts done on Sunday, December 2, revealed measurable quantities of Mountain Cedar in the air for the first time this year.

Typically, the so-called ‘cedar season’ starts around the holidays and lasts into February, causing reactions in sufferers ranging from mild annoyance to a need for shots to alleviate symptoms. Allergist Dr. Mirie Hosler said, although the cedar season is just beginning, she is already seeing a lot of unhappy patients.

Dr. Hosler noted cedar season actually started several weeks ago, but the amount of pollen in the air was not detectable until the start of December. Hosler also says it may be a bad year for sufferers, partly as a result of the rainy weather this year.

Some people believe eating berries from the trees will build up immunity, but Hosler thinks that is probably a bad idea, since both the berries and the pollen contain the same protein. She worries that anyone who tries this method may have a severe allergic reaction. Instead of folk remedies, Dr. Hosler says sufferers should try OTC medication and, if that fails, see the doctor.

Allergists and pharmacists in San Antonio could work with brochure printers to create material advising sufferers about effective remedies, and warning against taking up questionable, possibly harmful, folk cures.